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Basic Photography Course in Mumbai

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Customized 1-1
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3 Days

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Basic course gives an in-depth knowledge about the basic fundamentals of photography which helps you to master the MANUAL Mode. Further covering topics like composition rules, camera angles, light painting technique to add an artistic approach to your Photography.

This course is designed for those who want to understand the MANUAL mode or want to improve their photography skills.

Basic Photography Course in Mumbai

Workshop Syllabus

Introduction to Photography

  • In-depth explanation of different styles of photography
  • Understanding the importance to ‘READ’ a photograph

Auto Focus Modes

  • Understanding different types of autofocus modes in your camera
  • Continuous Focusing Mode, One-Shot Focusing Mode, Automatic Autofocus Mode, Manual Focus

Types of lenses

  • Difference between zoom lens and fixed lens
  • Understanding the importance to use a specific type of lens for a specific given situation
  • Understanding the properties of lens: Lens distortion, sharpness, focal length
  • Understanding infinity focus 

Camera Modes:

  • Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, & Program Mode

Manual Mode:


  • How aperture affects the amount of light from reaching the sensor
  • How to blur the background and keep the main subject in sharp focus
  • How to get everything in sharp focus
  • Understanding different shapes of bokeh

Shutter Speed

  • How to freeze the subject in motion
  • How to capture sharp images
  • In-depth introduction to slow shutter speed photography which includes light painting practical & motion blur effect
  • How to blur the background and keep the main subject in sharp focus
  • How to get everything in sharp focus
  • Understanding different shapes of bokeh


  • How to click better images in dark condition without using on-camera flash

White Balance

  • Introduction to basic colour theory
  • How to capture accurate colours similar to what our eyes see
  • How to manipulate/enhance the colour of ambient & artificial light

Composition Rules & Camera Angles

  • How to make your photos look more balanced and appealing

Who Should
Attend This Workshop?

If you have purchased a DSLR or Mirrorless camera and want to have complete control on your camera then this course is designed for you. We cover all basic fundamental of photography in this course. It also helps to improve the art of ‘SEEING’ as we cover composition rules and its application in real world.

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Ashish Kamble

Workshop Mentor

An award-winning photographer and educator based in Mumbai, India. He specialises in off-camera flash portraits and astrophotography. Read more about Ashish on his website.

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